Dress Code

Dress Code


Understand the type of job you are dispatched to. If you are unsure, ask the Dispatcher if there are any clothing requirements.

  • Garments must be free from holes, pre-existing tears, extensive staining, and should fit properly.
  • Clothing must not carry obscene and/or suggestive language, offensive images, political statements, or illegal drug references.
  • Clothing must cover the body in the manner intended. Pants must always be at the waistline. Bare midriffs or exposed undergarments are unacceptable at any time.
  • Tank tops or “muscle shirts” may ONLY be worn by up riggers while working high above the ground; beam, grid, equipment lifts, etc.
  • Shoes must cover the entire foot and be of a solid sole construction.
  • The use of perfume or cologne should be limited.
  • Jewelry should not be a safety hazard. If your jewelry is inappropriate for the work environment you may be asked to remove it for the duration of the call.
  • Clothing with the IATSE logo is encouraged.


  • T-shirts or casual work shirts
  • Pants or walking length shorts, (11’’ inseam)
  • Sweat pants are not acceptable
  • Appropriate shoes (Steel toed shoes or boots may be required on some job sites)


  • Any collared, polo or Henley type shirts (no t-shirts)
  • Khakis or casual slacks
  • No shorts
  • Appropriate shoes


  • Clothing MUST be completely black, including socks, shoes and accessories.
  • Clothing type is the same as Standard Work Clothes
  • Refrain from wearing large screened logos on T-shirts
  • Shorts are NOT acceptable, unless permission has been given. (It’s always a good practice to carry show blacks. You could be placed on a show call on a moment’s notice.)


  • All attire should be appropriate for a traditional business atmosphere, but still enable you to work. (In some instances, these clothes may need to be black)
  • Conservative style suit jacket or blazer
  • Dress shirt or blouse
  • Dress pants or slacks
  • Practical dress shoes
  • For women, no dresses or skirts
  • For men, neck ties are encouraged


  • Neat black long pants (khakis or casual pants, such as Carhartt, Dickies, or any type of dungaree or denim material. They must be black)
  • Black collared shirt
  • Black shoes and socks
  • No hats

You may be requested to wear clothing or safety equipment provided by the employer.

Should you fail to meet these requirements you may be dismissed from the call.