General Work Policies

General Work Policies


Local 50 is proud of the work that it does and understands that the image each individual presents in the workplace reflects the public perception of our labor organization.  We want our employers to be confident they are hiring professionals. As a labor union we enjoy the privilege of being protected by our collective bargaining agreement. However, when one or more individuals fail to meet employers’ expectations, the employer may take the option of not hiring us. An employer has the right to terminate an employee who fails to meet their standards for work performance, appearance, and behavior. If we wish to continue to be employed and compensated at a professional level, we must be professional.


Once the dispatchers have done through the list of members, they will then assign calls to non-members, also known as over-hire/permit workers. To be placed on the list to be called to work, the over-hire/permit worker should call the dispatch line only on Mondays between 9am and 5pm at (916) 571-5220 and leave a message with their name, number and their availability for the week. To stay on the list, they must call in weekly. Over-hire/permit workers should not call or text the dispatchers directly for work, they must leave a message on the number above.


The pay rates and working conditions you receive under Local 50’s collective bargaining agreements are of a professional standard and your conduct should reflect this at all times.

  • Any types of harassment, abusive language, or violence will not be tolerated.
  • Limit the use of vulgar language, especially around the public and our clients.
  • Do not discuss the business or contracts of the Local with employers, clients, or non-members, without a union representative present.
  • Do not solicit food, merchandise, gifts, tips, or other special considerations from a client or employer.
  • Should a workplace conflict arise, report it immediately to your Steward or Head of department. NEVER attempt to solve a dispute in the presence of other employees, a client, employer’s representative, or employer.


  • Local 50 takes the welfare of its dispatched employees very seriously. If you witness an unsafe situation, you are expected to report it to your Steward and/or Head of Department immediately.
  • You will be expected to attend safety meetings.
  • If you are uncomfortable in a workplace environment, such as working at height, enclosed spaces, etc., it is your responsibility to inform your Steward or Head of Department.
  • Never allow anyone to “bully” or intimidate you into doing something unsafe.
  • Should you be engaged in an unsafe act, you will be reprimanded and possibly dismissed from the job.
  • If you are injured on a job, you are required to fill out an incident form.
  • You must wear a hard hat or helmet that conforms to the ANSI Z89.1 standard at all times when an employer or venue requires it and overhead work is in progress(e.g. rigging, lighting focus).
  • Tools must be on a lanyard/tied off when working at height.


  • There is no single more important thing you need to do. 15 MINUTES EARLY IS ON TIME. ARRIVING AT THE CALL TIME IS LATE. Arrive at least 15 minutes before the call to allow for check in and to prepare for work. In addition, return from breaks and lunch on time.
  • Being late may cause you to be replaced on a call, and/or fined. In the case of habitual lateness, referral privileges may be suspended or revoked at the discretion of the Executive Board.

IDENTIFICATION:  You are responsible for providing the employer all necessary documentation to complete I-9/W-4/Dues check off forms. You should bring your social security card and driver’s license/state identification card or your current passport to the first day of work for any employer you have not worked for this year.  If you are not sure, bring it.


Keep track of the jobs you work, the hours you work every day, who you are employed by and your steward.  This will help you if you are trying to get into the local, so that you know how much money you owe the local for referral fees, and if you have problem with a paycheck or other issue at a later date.  The more you know, the easier it is to solve any problems that may come up.


If a person accepts a position on an “in”, that person should be available to work the position on the “out”. Workers will also stay in the same department for the in and the out.


Talking on a cell phone or texting, other than job related needs, or vital personal communication (child care, doctor’s appointments, or emergency calls) is prohibited while on the job.


  • The dispatcher can be reached at (916) 718-4587 (Do call this number to be placed on the call list. See HOW TO GET PLACED ON A CALL section above)
  • A message may always be left for the Business Agent at (916) 444-7654
  • Our mailing address for your payments or correspondence is:

IATSE Local 50

1914 Terracina Drive, Suite 120

Sacramento CA 95834-2459

  • If the situation is an emergency and needs the immediate attention of the Business Agent, call (916) 704-2839. Please do NOT call this number unless it is an actual emergency.


If you have not received a paycheck after 2 week of the last day of the call, please consider the following:

  • You can ask others who had been on the call if they have received their checks. If they had not been paid yet, this could be an indication that you might need to give it some more time.
  • Remember that some employers, such as Live Nation, have a 2 week payroll period and then up to a week after that to mail their checks. You can compare to pervious checks/stubs as to when it should be expected.
  • Give minimum of 3 days for a check to make it’s way through the postal service. Keep in mind that they don’t deliver on Sundays and Holidays.

If you still don’t have an answer, contact the business agent by emailing Include your full legal name, name of the call, the employer, dates and hours worked, who was the steward and the venue name.